We all know that the internet is a free virtual world where we can find anything and everything online. It’s no secret how many people are earning an income from their computer screens every day – it’s not far-fetched to think about how you might be able to do the same with some effort on your part!

The Internet is a part of our lives and how we do business. It has changed the way we find jobs, how we buy and sell things and how we communicate with friends and family. The internet has become one of the best places to make money online.

In this article I am going to tell you the most demanding and trending online earning ideas which can make your future. If you succeed in one of them, you will make it your full time business that will change your life completely. Let’s get started.

Online Earning

1. Blogging

One of the best ways to earn money online is blogging i.e. writing something original on a platform like blogger.com or self hosted blog websites. Blogger.com is a Google’s hosted blogging platform and a lot of people use it for blogging. You do not need to buy domain, hosting and to design your own website or your own blog. What you need is to login with google account and start writing your content there.

I prefer a self hosted platform for blogging because it’s your own space and will not be shut down by anyone or any company. Self hosted blog websites can be easily established by buying a domain name and installing WordPress on it. This will cost initially a little nominal amount but later on you will get more than this in return. Here are the steps for making a blogging website.

Buy a free domain name

It’s your brand, the name that people will type into their browsers to reach you. like, www.mywebsite.com. Buy a new fresh domain name which relates to your website niche. 

  • Your house address or room number can be considered as a domain name.

Buy Hosting

Hosting is the space for your website’s contents over the web server. Different hosting companies such as bluehost.com are providing different hosting plans. At start the basic hosting plan is enough for you as you can upgrade it later on according to your site’s requirements. You can buy domain and hosting from the same company. 

  • The house in which you live or the room is like your hosting.

Install WordPress

Once you are done with domain and hosting , the next step is to install WordPress on it which is easy to install and requires a few clicks. You can find a tutorial video on YouTube on its installation.

Install a Theme

A website theme is a style or template for your website. You can download both free and commercial themes from the internet. Install a theme that is appropriate for your blog. Now your website is ready for you to fill it with content.

Start Publishing the content

Your website is live now. your site is ready to publish. Brainstorm an idea, pick your niche, select the topic and start writing. I suggest writing in a conversational , easy to understand tone. One of the important things here is to look for your competitors and write unique content that rank higher on search engines. Do some research and make proper use of keywords. Also use multimedia in your articles, it will attract the visitors and engage them.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is another good way to earn money online. There are many freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Guru and so on which allow people to post various projects that they need designed. It provides an opportunity to earn money by completing customers orders. What you need is a skill in which you are a master and you will find it easy to sell it in a freelance marketplace. The most demanding skills out there are

  1. Graphics/logo designing
  2. Video animation and voice over
  3. Web development
  4. Content Writing
  5. SEO services

You can learn any of these skills and sell them on the freelance market. What you have to do is make your portfolio and display your skills set to the people who are in search of them. There are a lot of people and companies which need that particular skill which you are offering. 

3. YouTube Channel

YouTube is a world of Video Content. With the intent of high quality cameras and smartphones it has become more popular. You can create your own YouTube channel and put your contents on it by making videos for your desired audience. Be consistent and make quality video for your subscribers so that they keep waiting for your next video. this will grow your channel and you will start earnings from it soon.

initially you need to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to approve your channel for monetization by google. To become a celebrity, you’ll need about 1 million subscribers and 4 billion views.

But how do you get those views and subscribers? That’s the hard part – it takes creativity, effort, and time. But once you’ve made your first video, you could start ranking for certain search terms and, with luck, go viral. 

4. Join an affiliate program

There are various websites that offer affiliate programs which allow people who help them in generating the customers and make the commission on every sale they make. Websites such as Amazon have affiliate programs that allow customers to earn a commission by referring products on their websites or social media portfolios. They usually pay the percentage of total sales made. I will discuss what is amazon affiliate marketing and how to create an Amazon Affiliate Account in my next article.

Going directly for an affiliate account is not a good step. By doing this, you’re going to showcase the product to a few people in your vicinity. I recommend first growing your blog, YouTube channel or social media network so that while promoting amazon’s product you are having some visitors / audience to show.

 5. Social Media Marketing

People from all around the world are connected to each other over different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. It is a globally connected world in which each single person can reach his desired community easily despite the physical distances. Technology has advanced in so many ways which directly influenced society. Gaps are being reduced. It is not difficult to promote oneself or reach the marketplace. Businesses have become digital. If we look back into a decade ago we see that things were not as we can see now.

Social media marketing is the art of reaching people, advertising and promoting your skills or products on any social network. One of the best social media marketing is Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing is a type of marketing that promotes products and services using Facebook. It is used to promote items such as e-books, videos, and businesses through “likes” and follows on the website.

It has a huge outreach of about 3 billion people. Need is to utilize your time and market yourself using this platform targeting your clients based on their age, gender and location with the help of good communication skills. Audience is also on Facebook so you will have to attract them by various approaches. You can use paid promotion service as well for this.

If you’re not sure what content to create, you need to check out your competition. You all have competitors. You want to see what content is doing well for them, and what content is not.


The internet has made it possible for anyone to earn a living online. Regardless of your skillset or previous experience, you can find an opportunity that’s right for you and start earning money through the many options available. We hope this list helps put you on the path to financial freedom by providing some direction as well as information about how these opportunities work. It’s never been easier to make a living from home! Which one do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear which ones are most interesting or appealing to you!