Blogs have been around for quite some time now and they are an excellent way to express your opinion on something or share a certain skill or knowledge with others. Blogging is writing a piece of content that is original and informative so that the people read it and show their interest in it. 

You can even make money off of blogging! There are many different ways that you can monetize your blog website and if you do it right, you could make a lot of money! In this article, I’ll show you how to start making money from the moment your site goes live. 

Before going further it is important to know how to set up a blog.

Free Blogging Sites

There are free blogging platforms like WordPress and which are hosted and managed by big organizations. You can go for them but there are some limitations here. 

  • Lack of customization: You cannot place images or videos as you desire
  • Space is not yours: No guarantee to place your content forever and it may provide you limited storage for your long videos and images.
  • You cannot become a brand: It will not make your business lucrative because you cannot become a brand. Your blog’s address/URL will refer to the platform’s name too. Like or

Your Own Website

Go for your own website if you want to make money from it. Here are the advantages of a self-hosted blogging website that will motivate you to start a website of your own for blogging. It will cost you a nominal yearly fee for hosting. 

  • Full control on customization: You can design and upload images and videos as you desire. You can customize them. 
  • No storage issue: You can upload your content as much as you want because the space is yours and you have paid for it. 
  • You can become a brand : your site URL is customized and it will make you visible to the world as a brand. You can place affiliate links in it and make it lucrative business for yourself

How to make your own Website

Buy a domain name

It’s your brand, the name that people will type into their browsers to reach you. like, Buy a new fresh domain name that relates to your website niche. You can search for a domain name that you have decided to have on any hosting company’s domain search box. 

Buy Hosting

Hosting is the space for your website’s contents over the webserver. Different hosting companies such as, are providing different hosting plans. At the start, the basic hosting plan is enough for you as you can upgrade it later on according to your site’s requirements. You can buy a domain and host it from the same or different companies

Install WordPress

Once you are done with domain and hosting, the next step is to install WordPress on it which is easy to install and requires a few clicks. You can find a tutorial video on YouTube on its installation.

Install a Theme

A website theme is a style or template for your website. You can download both free and commercial themes from the internet. Install a theme that is appropriate for your blog. Now your website is ready for you to fill with content. 

If you are not comfortable making your website yourself, don’t worry, you can hire someone to make it for you. There are many freelance groups on social media as well as on Fiverr and Upwork platforms.

Start Publishing the content

Your website is live now and is ready to publish. Brainstorm an idea, pick your niche, select the topic and start writing. I suggest writing in a conversational, easy-to-understand tone. One of the important things here is to look for your competitors and write unique content that ranks higher on search engines. Do some research and make proper use of keywords. Search engines love content that is unique and properly optimized. Also, use multimedia in your articles, it will attract the visitors and engage them.

Keep in mind that you should have at least five unique and well-optimized blog posts on your blog before monetizing it.

Make money from blogging

Once you have established your blog, it is time to make money from it. Here are some ways you can utilize for earning money through your blog.

Use Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize your blogging platform and it’s extremely easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up for an account with Google (or sign in if you already have one). From there fill in the required information, copy and paste some code onto your blogging platform and you are done! That’s really all there is to it. You can choose what type of ads display on your blogging platform and how they appear, so you’re in control of everything. Google will pay you for the ads if they are noticed by your visitors.

Use text links

Text links are another good way to monetize your blogging platform. They allow you to place small “sponsored” or “partnership” links on your blogging platform that will pay you for clicks! You can easily set up text links by signing up with a site like LinkWorth or OneLinkPro. Once again, these are both free to use and all you need to do is copy and paste some code onto your blogging platform! Since blogging platforms are all hosted, you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff.

Sell your own products or affiliate products

One of the best ways to monetize blogging platforms is by selling your own products! Think about it…every time someone visits your blogging platform, they are basically looking at an advertisement for your product or service! That’s why blogging platforms are the perfect place to post affiliate links! Affiliate links are great because they allow you to earn money while blogging without having your own product or service. By affiliate marketing, you can sell literally anything and it will work with blogging platforms. You can join the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program and promote amazons products on your blog. Amazon will pay you a commission when a person clicks and buys that product through your link. 

Take paid surveys

There are a lot of paid online survey websites that allow you to make money blogging. Here are some of these websites you can approach for paid online surveys. 

  • Harris Poll Online
  • LifePoints
  • Survey Junkie 

These sites usually have daily tasks and opportunities that you can do from the comfort of your blogging platform. All you need to do is fill out some basic information about yourself and then take a survey! Afterward, your blogging platform will be credited with points, cash, or sometimes both! The best blogging platforms for paid surveys are Blogger and WordPress.

Write articles for other people

This might sound a little obvious but blogging platforms are the perfect place to find freelance work! Remember, blogging platforms allow you to post an advertisement that targets anyone on the internet. This means that you can write articles for other people and they can pay you. When you are a brand and become popular in your niche, Different people on the internet may ask you to write a blog post for them. In this way, you can earn some extra money by writing for others. 

Accept guest posts

Many people on the internet are trying to rank their website/blog in search engines. For this purpose, they need their content to be published in some high Domain Authority (DA) websites that already have much traffic. They also want backlinking to their sites in the guest articles. If your site has much traffic and visitors come daily there is a chance that you accept guest posts and link building from others while charging a fee.

Sell ad space

Since blogging platforms are essentially sites that make money, it makes sense to sell ad space! Some blogging platforms even have their own advertising spaces that you can sell or use yourself! You can also contact blogging platform owners and ask them if they are interested in an affiliate program. This means that when someone clicks on your ad, you get paid a small percentage of the click-thru! This is a great way to monetize blogging platforms and it works with most blogging platforms!

Write sponsored posts

One of the best ways for monetizing your blog is to write sponsored posts for interested companies. This works in such a way that if a company launches its new product and you have a blog related to that product, the company might pay you to highlight its new product in your article. You will be able to add some affiliate links to your website this way. This works well if you have a strong niche audience and increased viewership.

Launch online courses

Most people make money by offering online courses on their blogs. If you are a brand in a niche or you have a command over a certain tool or software or any guide from your personal experience, you can make and sell a course addressing the audience’s concern.  Some of the online courses platforms you can use for building a course are

  • Thinkific
  • tutorLMS
  • Teachable
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • talentLMS
  • Bloggin