The Mini K-2

One of the highest peaks of Dassu, Upper Kohistan, scenically standing just at the left of the curvy Indus, bearing an altitude of about 4100 meters, mostly covered with snow, which sufficiently enhances the beauty of Dassu Kohistan (Upper Kohistan). Kohistan is a thinly populated area of Pakistan located west of Chilas and the Kagan Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Kohistan “Country of the Hills” or “Highlands”) area of mountainous or hilly tracts in Pakistan.

It is little populated with inhabitants having a unique class of hospitality. The Top is difficult to reach and few people have conquered it so far except locals. The track is having a number of waterfalls, exposing nature and its beauty. For hikers, it is almost difficult to get on the top in a single day because of its steepness and difficult track. Locally it is named a mini K-2 because of its shape resemblance with gigantic K-2, the second largest peak of the world. The hikers are warmly welcomed and guided by locals, however, its journey should be avoided without a local guide. Importantly, cellular service is available from its beginning to the top and is safe for camping as well.

There are wide spread maize crop fields in descending, providing best bread earning opportunity to the locals and besides this, walnut is the second-largest product, which brings much of money for the residents in season. There are water channels as well for irrigation purposes. From top of the mountain, the view of DASSU is awesome and if someone is a hiking lover, then must go up to enjoy down beauty.